Potential Committees Where Erick Aguilar Can Serve AMERICA FIRST!

Potential Committees

Over the decades, I have developed specific skills sets from military, education, emerging markets, and private business environments that have created exponential successes. Key strengths about me:

  • Focused toward goal completion
  • Work smarter to get the job done
  • Empathetic toward the needs of others
  • Solution driven to find results, no excuses
  • Never give up, failure is not option, WIN WIN WIN!
  • Great listener and servant leader
  • Strong researcher to find trustworthy data
  • Organized and time focused to get the job done promptly
  • Strong family ethical and family values
  • Detailed administrator and policy writer
  • Proficient and diverse skills in structuring and managing technologies

With my skills sets, I can serve on the following committees:

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  • Armed Services
  • Appropriations
  • Budget
  • Education and Labor
  • Ethics
  • Financial Services
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Homeland Security
  • House Administration
  • Oversight and Reform
  • Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Science, Space, and Technology
  • Select Committee on the Climate Crisis
  • Small Business
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans
  • Joint Economic Committee
  • Joint Committee on Taxation
  • Ways and Means Committee
  • Veteran’s Affairs