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About Dr. Erick Aguilar - Conservative Leader

Erick Javier Aguilar was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 1975. At the age of 7 (1982), he moved with his family to Brooklyn, NY in the East New York neighborhood area. It was a challenging time for him and his family growing up in the “rough” area of Brooklyn during the unwanted epidemic of drugs and crime, education and economic crisis, and lack of public trust. Yet, he overcame the struggles and took on those lessons to pursue a better life.

During the years of Erick’s military service, he was able to accomplish other achievements such as earning numerous degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Information Systems, Saint Leo University, 2001
  • Master of Arts in Business Administration (MBA), Saint Leo University, 2005
  • Doctor of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix, 2009
  • Master of Arts (MA) in History, University of Nebraska, 2015
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Security Management, Saint Leo University, 2016

Erick Aguilar has been teaching in higher education for 16 years at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels. He has taught in several concentration areas in business, technology, cyber security, and history, and conducted professional development training and business enhancement workshops. He has provided subject matter expertise to develop leadership, business, project management, cybersecurity, computer technology, U.S. and World history, and marketing curriculum. He has served as a private Consultant to provide mentorship and coaching to business leaders in organizational culture, operational management, finance, investments, technology, and productivity. He is also a Stock Trader and leads two small businesses that focus on professional development, curriculum management, and Executive Asset Management. He keeps the businesses small to be manageable in his life, as he enjoys what he does.

Erick's personal interests are research, writing, “Big” baseball fan (Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees), supports local sports teams, also enjoys following football, soccer, tennis, golf, and basketball, and enjoys mechanical and electrical work (airplane, automobile, motorcycles, and homes).

He is blessed to be married to the woman of his dreams! Extremely blessed to raise 6 children: 2 boys (3 and 17 years old) and 4 girls (1, 6, 8, and 11 years old)! They enjoy being active together to enjoy the beauty of life. He really understands the value of family and wishes everyone to enjoy the value of family also, as family is the foundation of our society to make us better for each other.

Why Running for Congress?

Erick Aguilar believes in serving others more than himself. There is more work to be done in government for the people to pursue their happiness. There has been gridlock in laws to improve the needs of the people. There are not enough policies that focuses on AMERICA FIRST to support of our families. There is too much squabbling in the House of Representatives that the victims of this fight are our families. Not enough has been focused on the TRUE needs of families. The agenda of families to move forward are:

  • Education
  • Financial Support
  • Retirement
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Quality Housing
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Healthy Foods and Medicine
  • Security and Safety of our Children
  • Enjoyable Environment
  • Safe Neighborhoods

In these areas, we need strong CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP that will work for people! There are too many democratic members of congress that are focusing in their own personal marketing for stardom, being fiscally irresponsible, creating fallacies and crises, not being respectful to the truth, and shunning the rights of the people. We need strong leadership to overcome these challenges to create laws that FULLY work for our families, not for their own personal agenda. I have no hidden intentions in running for Congress, I want to do what is right for the people. I am calling that the 2020s will be the “Age of Accountability” for the government to actually support its people to structure AMERICA FIRST policies. In my issues page, you will read what are the issues and solutions to support the people of our valuable 4th district. If you do have any comments and suggestions based on your situation, experience, or would like to see more improvements in the 2020s, please feel free to write me a message. I am here for all of you and will fight for you to have logical and reasonable laws that will build our futures. My goal is to create a brighter future together in the pursuit of happiness as our founding fathers envisioned. AMERICA FIRST!