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Our Conservative Platform

Serving and Protecting Our Country
Conservative Leader Erick Aguilar served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, defending our quality of life and showing our colors of freedom around the world. He will uphold our conservative values and structure AMERICA FIRST policies. He will strengthen Election Integrity and NOT allow any Big Tech or Cancel Culture ideology censor or destroy our American Way of Life. With your votes, he will faithfully serve as your next U.S. Congressional Representative in our valued FL 4th District.

United By Common Goals - Protecting Our Rights & Laws; Fiscal Responsibility

The 2020s will bring absolute accountability to our government and stop Big Tech from violating our rights! Our goals are to create fiscal responsibility & protect the rights and laws, and repeal any laws affecting our AMERICA FIRST way of life.

Get Involved

It was an honor to serve in the world's most powerful Navy and it is a true pleasure to see people vote and be PROUD to vote. We believe that everyone regardless of generation, status, or any difference should get involved to make their choice count to brighten our futures. The 2020s can bring brighter futures if we stick together - AMERICA FIRST!. Let's show how strong our conservative voices are, Get Involved!

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